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About Hardscape

Hardscape Concrete & Interlock was founded in the spring of 2004. The company began with small residential jobs and later moved on to public tender contracts and commercial parking lots. As the company grew so too did the size and notability of the projects. From its base in Cambridge, Hardscape Concrete is prepared to service the surrounding area in southwestern Ontario.

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Our Services


Hardscape Concrete is proficient in all facets of concrete. Whether in creating stunning exposed, sand-blasted, coloured, stamped and banded concrete, or pouring large scale concrete pads, we are trusted and proven experts.

Excavation, Sewer/Watermain

We have the necessary heavy equipment, trucks, training and skilled operators for bulk excavation, grading and laser grading and are licensed for municipal sewer and water networks.

Retaining Walls

We can build any scale of retaining wall in precast concrete, natural stone or gabion basket even along major roadways and riverbeds.

Interlocking Stone

Interlocking stone is very complimentary to solid concrete paving and adds a level of interest and a sense of timelessness to a site.

Specialty Projects

A fine attention to detail and the expertise to make recommendations to better the project have been an appreciated trait that has allowed Hardscape Concrete to be the repeated contractor of choice for many specialty contracts.

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