Hardscape Concrete has set itself apart as an experienced team that is proficient in undertaking high-profile comprehensive projects to completion. Hardscape is an experienced specialty concrete contractor with a proven history of architectural concrete and special concrete finishes such as sandblasting, coloured, banded and stamped finishes in intricate and elaborate designs for commercial plazas, parks and recreational applications. Hardscape has also completed large scale concrete pads in excess of 10,000 sq. m. using laser grading equipment and custom roller screeds.

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Hardscape Concrete is one of a few contractors in Ontario to have experience in pouring pervious concrete which diminishes run-off and replenishes water tables.

Concrete curbs are laid with the advantage of a Power Curber slipform machine and custom slipform molds are available to offer a unique finishing touch to your hardscape.

Specialty Site Works

The professionalism and adaptability of the Hardscape Concrete team allows for the completion of many unique specialty contracts such as trails and boardwalks, parks, cenotaphs, cemeteries, bridges, fences, and waterparks. These contracts are undertaken by Hardscape as complete packages from excavation and removals to the last finishing touch. These projects often involve multiple phases including water management, electrical, custom steel work, specialized engraving, carpentry and signage.

A fine attention to detail and the expertise to make recommendations to better the project have been an appreciated trait that has allowed Hardscape Concrete to be the repeated contractor of choice for many customers.

Many of the projects taken on by Hardscape Concrete include interlocking stone as borders or accents in ornate patterns for walkways and entrances. Interlocking stone is very complimentary to solid concrete paving and adds a level of interest and a sense of timelessness to a site.

Slope Stabilization

Hardscape Concrete has the experience to construct any scale of retaining wall. In precast concrete, natural stone or gabion basket, Hardscape Concrete has the necessary equipment and expertise to complete the project. Working alongside a roadside or creek bed, Hardscape Concrete is qualified to mitigate natural environmental conditions and safely control traffic.

Excavation, Sewer & Watermain

Hardscape Concrete is prepared to take on complete site packages and is outfitted with all of the necessary heavy equipment, trucks, training and skilled operators for bulk excavation, grading and laser grading. The company is fully certified and licensed to lay sewer and water main networks for your site and for municipal road work.